World's First Tidal Energy System

Shepcote Engineering was chosen to supply the main lift rams for the world's first tidal energy system situated at Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland. Strangford Lough has one of the best tidal resources in the world and its relatively sheltered environment, and easy access make it ideal site for tidal energy.

The SeaGen 1.2MW tidal energy system consists of two twin power trains mounted on a crossbeam. The crossbeam can be raised above the water for maintenance.

The two 20 metre diameter rotors are raised and lowered by hydraulic cylinders housed within the monopole structure. The 280mm bore x 180mm rod x 1100mm stroke cylinders were designed to withstand the rigours of continuous use in the hostile marine environment.

Building on 1000s of generating hours Marine Current Turbines (MCT) are currently working on an updated 2MW generator.