Hydraulic Cylinders for Marine Environments

SR250 is a fully working prototype floating tidal turbine, comprising a 2.3 metre dia x 33 metre long tube with two fixed pitch 8 metre diameter contra rotating rotors, each driving separate gearboxes.

200mm bore x 150mm rod x 2325mm stroke Hydraulic cylinders were required to deploy the rotor legs once in the water. A reliable solution required to withstand extended use in salt water was sought and the client approached Shepcote Engineering to provide it. Our vast experience in providing cylinders for use in severe marine environments came to the fore on this project. Again working closely with the customer cylinders were designed which have proved both reliable and cost effective over the period of extended sea trials.

The success of the SR250 has led to the building of a production version, 2MW @3m/s generator. Due to be launched in early 2015, the SR2000 will be a significant advancement of the SR250. Shepcote Engineering is currently working on larger, uprated cylinders to DNV-GL standards for this latest generation tidal device.